"I like the cinema that tells stories”


Sebastián Borensztein puts on airs. Please don’t get this wrong: this gentleman is not arrogant or pedantic, but shows endless confidence, an invincible optimism aura. And he’s now going through a significant moment in his professional life: the release of his first movie, La suerte está echada, next Thursday. He doesn’t lose his confidence, not even in the spotlight, as he is, was and will be the glorious Tato Bores’s son. However, we’ll have to see if he was able to keep up with his TV show’s work, because, who knows, maybe the cinema was just a whim, a treat to himself, and nothing else. "They expect from me —he describes— maybe more than what is expected from others. I feel they’re watching over me and strongly demanded when I’m about to release something. Mind what you’re doing, we’re watching over you, you come from a certain background and you cannot do something crappy. That’s somehow present, floating, and it’ll never change. The more they like what I do, the higher the pressure. It’s true that having a name on TV helps me, as that creates expectations. However, it’s also bad, as I might not live up to it. But this will not be the case: I really do trust myself.”