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La suerte está echada / Making of
2005 / Argentina

La suerte está echada / Making of Making of

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La suerte está echada / Conversation with the fatherConversation with the father
La suerte está echada / BazookaBazooka
La suerte está echada / FightFight
La suerte está echada / Wrong conversationWrong conversation
La suerte está echada / TrailerTrailer

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Felipe is an actor who when about to start being recognized, is part of a situation that from now on will label him as a jinx by his own mates and he’s fired from the cast. His life turns into a catastrophe and he’ll continually be aiming at getting rid of this stigma. At the same time, his half-brother Guillermo is fired from work and dumped by his girlfriend. Both half-brothers are very different and have been apart for years. The only thing they have in common is their father, who gets to reunite them as he only has few days to live, and makes a very strange request to them.

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Director: Sebastian Borensztein
Writer: Sebastian Borensztein

Cast: Gastón Pauls (Guillermo), Marcelo Mazzarello (Felipe), José Gallardou (Don Víctor), Vecino (Alejandro Awada), Julieta Cardinail (Clara), Dr. Sosa (Claudio Gallardou), Lina Delponte (Leticia Brédice). Paola Krum, Indio Apachaca, Lucrecia Capello, Gerardo Chendo.
Genre: Comedy

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